Crypto Trends: What’s Happening with the Crypto Market?

By Jack May15,2024 #Crypto Market

As prices plateau following a momentous halving, I’ll explore market internals to identify areas primed to capitalize on the next imminent trend.

Despite much anticipation leading up to the recent Bitcoin halving, there hasn’t been a significant change post-event, resembling the lull seen in January after the SEC’s spot BTC ETF approvals. While eventual gains did kick in after January’s milestone, it remains to be seen if halving will stimulate a similarly delayed bull run.

Currently, Bitcoin trades around $62,000. Ethereum holds just above $2,900, while Solana hovers near $145. Overall blockchain activity continues to wane as well, with declining network transactions pointing to diminished participation. With prices on pause, markets await fresh catalysts to reawaken greed and volatility. Periods of consolidation are not uncommon following major crypto milestones, and history suggests these rangebound phases can last anywhere from one to six months before trend reassertion. For now, crypto heavyweights seem content ranging until market structure rebalances for the next stage of maturation.

This week also brings key inflation updates that may shape crypto and risk asset sentiment. The Producer Price Index (PPI) lands on May 14th, quickly followed by May 15th’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures. Persistently high inflation has dashed previous expectations for rate cuts in the U.S., acting as a deterrent to risky assets like cryptocurrencies. Yet, despite imminent inflation figures that could sway markets, bitcoin options pricing suggests confidence in a tempered reaction. In this case, price movements might be limited to less than 2% in either direction following the CPI report, showing minimal additional volatility. Some analysts believe that a softer-than-expected CPI print could enhance the probability of a rate cut, potentially driving Bitcoin above $65,000. In my view, entrenched inflation is unlikely to meaningfully recede until the final months of 2024, exactly when I’d expect the Fed to lower interest rates.

Contrary to heavyweight assets struggling for direction, the altcoin landscape—meme coins in particular—looks primed for continued speculation. Less mature tokens offer, in my view, compelling profit potential thanks to their room to rally. For instance, a viral post this week from @TheRoaringKitty—a prominent figure in last year’s epic GameStop short squeeze—sent the video game retailer’s stock soaring once more. In the aftermath, major meme tokens PEPE, FLOKI and MOG surged up to 30% over 24 hours, suggesting that traders might be anticipating a repeat of the DOGE rally in 2021, which followed GameStop’s spike. By reacting to echoes of the past frenzy, fast-moving meme coins continue attracting capital willing to embrace rocket rides even amid a shifting broader market. Their flexibility makes them prime vehicles to ride waves of crowd sentiment.

Current altcoin conditions offer fertile backdrops for systematic speculation. As lesser-known tokens exhibit independent price discovery, automated trading tools, such as Bitsgap’s, can reap profits in any market direction. For instance, range-bound action lets traders employ GRID bots to automate buying low and selling high within volatility. Meanwhile, dollar cost-averaging bots, or DCA for short, steadily accumulate or sell out positions through small, regular buys or sells to smooth out volatility risk. For existing downtrends, Buy the Dip (BTD) bots monitor pullbacks, standing ready to automatically purchase discounted assets in anticipation of rebounds. In short, no matter which way markets turn next, bots enable traders to strategically transact without picking tops or bottoms. And fortunately, the opportunities remain plentiful, despite a nearly 20% decline in the altcoin market cap over the past month. 

In fact, analysts eye brewing signals of a rally in the making. As the market consolidates, certain metrics indicate accumulating conditions for an explosive next leg up. For example, the EMA over 20 days, the stochastic RSI, and Bitcoin dominance all show potential momentum trajectory change underway. For nimble traders, that means opening the doors to systematic strategies poised to capture a swift change in tide. If you ask me, it might be the best time to fire up those bots. 

By Jack

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